About us

MERKAPT Company Profile – 20 years in Building Technology
Merkapt Kft was established 21 years ago in 1991, has an exclusive Hungarian private business ownership, which operates as Zrt (Holding) since March 1st, 2012.

Our company is focusing on Hungarian products in its product portfolio development, while servicing imported product from close to 30 European manufacturers, and with the continuouslyexpanding product ranges we also service to other branches of building technology. Our offer ranges from water-, gaz-, heating technology and air-conditioning installation products, bathroom products and accessories.

We pay special attention to renewable energy systems and its sales development, an area where our company has many references. Our offers include a complete renewable enrgy system consysting of energy efficient, environmental friendly, low temperatured wall floor heating, surface cooling, building structure temperament, combined with the most modern regulational technology element from the planning to implementation. GEOWARM geothermal probeand WALLTHERM wall heating panel is our own manufactured product development.

Besides the development of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient systems, environment safety receive main importance in our company’s life, where we sought do a lot for saving environment with selective waste collection and recycling.

Our offer is not exclusively consist of low priced products, rather focused on quality and adequate technical parameter, that can be accepted from professional point of view and made of a wide product range.

MERKAPT conducts its business under ISO 9001 quality systems. We provide a complete solution system to our customers from the serching for government found application opportunity to professional consulting to complex procurement system. To Merkapt, the quality is highly defined, and means a regulated, transparent and controllable busines process, by which we provide the service level needed to our partners and customers. One of our business pillars is ’the best product, or system can only become a true tool by a well-informed mechanic’s or end-user’s hand, and because of this fact, we employ knowledgeable collegues in our retail stores, and provide continuous education base for our partners.

MERKAPT places high importance on environment consciousness of environmental safety, supports and promotes healthy, active and sporty lifemode. The MERKAPT Marathon Team Sport Club was born under this sport spirit, whereas the key goal is to support individual sport accomplishment, mass or public sport movement, and recriational sport activities. Among the supported athletes and sport teams, we can find remarkable talents such as last year’s world champion Hungarian Rafting Team, olympic qualifier Eva Risztovi n swimming, and the European Kenu Champion Szabolcs Németh.
Merkapt launched a new sport event series in 2007, which was named ’A Nagy Sportágválasztó’ – ’The Grand Sport Selection Event’. The event is organised twice a year (Spring and Fall) in Budapest and 16 other cities. The Grand Sport Selection brought more than 90,000 kids and adults to the event, where all visitors could get closer to the selected sport and exercised introduced by selected professional trainers.
We are proud for all the achievemens of the past 20 years, and for the investment made by Merkapt for many of the sucessfully sold products.

• 1991 - Merkapt was formed by the initiatives of private ownership professional circle, where the ownership is still the same to date. All activities initially oriented around the implementation of building technology area. The growing market need in a short period helped facilitating traiding and the establishment of building technology network.
1993 – Opened our first small retail store un Budapest, Róbert Károly Krt 90, where the customers could purchase products from Monday to Sunday.
1996/1997 – The first five years of operational experience confirmed that our offer and unique services mean competitive solutions, so we expanded our ectivities and opened the Master street retail store, then Eurokónusz, a standalone functionned private company started its retail activities.
2001 – Thanks to a commercial, constructional and maintenance division successful cooperation, the market position strengthened and net saes surpassed 1 billion HUF. At that time there was an increased demand shown for professional general constructing, facility management and maintenance, and because of that need, separated from the sales division a part of the company focusing on building construction and maintenance was established as a building contractor named MERKAPT – Maintenance and Building Operator Enterprise.
We built our own 2,500m2 warehouse complex which hosts now our Central Office on Maglódi street
In order to better serve our regional commercial or wholesale partners, we established MERKAPT Debrecen Kft, which operates a separate legal entity.
2002 – Opened wholesale warehouse and retail site in Győr
2003 – Opened small retail site in Csepel
2005 – Opened and exclusive salon and outlet center in Budapest XIII. district (Material Building and Desing Center)
2006 – Establish Building Engeneer Union, its purpose is to coordinate regional traiders (with Hungarian ownership) central purchasing and commercial activities
2008 – Opened wholesale store in Üllő, as an independent legal entity, joined to the company as Aquarent Kft
2009 – MERKAPT launched its own renewable energy business, and besides providing sales and consulting services, there has been a focus on its own renewable energy product range development and distribution.
2010 – Opened specialized retail store in Budapest XI. district Budafoki street 183.
2011 – The retail store in Győr moved to an easily accessable new location that has 300m2 space
2012 – at the end of 2011, the retail store owners doing business with Merkapt made a mutual decision with Merkapt ownership to continue business together in a new holding. After the merger of ownerships, the group
continued as MERKAPT Zrt (Holding), serving the previous partner sas the new successor.

Aquarent Kft. - 2225 Üllő, Pesti út 49.
Eurokónusz Kft - 1081 Budapest, Fiumei út 10., 1143 Budapest, Hungária krt. 94-96 (bathroom salon and renewable energy show room), Szeged, Dorozsmai út 33.
Kun-Therm Kft. - 6400 Kiskunhalas, Szabadság tér 7.
New World Kft. - 4700 Mátészalka, Zőldfa út 84.
Murányi Épületgépészet Kft. - 7622 Pécs, Verseny u 1/a.
Radiátor 75 Kft. - 3300 Eger, Sas u. 29/b.